Some interesting updates:

15/1 - Two related articles on possible endogenous EMF usage for biomolecular recognition an in a more general ambit are publ. this month.

13/1 - Using intensities somewhat below that used by mobile phones this recent study in Nature show some RF-EMF effects on plants.

EMMIND Electromagnetic Mind Website EMMIND Electromagnetic Mind Website EMMIND Electromagnetic Mind Website

This website is created with the intent of support the idea of electromagnetic nature of life and consciousness, that most probably function as a resonant chain (see Design and Construction of a Brain-Like Computer: A New Class of Frequency-Fractal Computing Using Wireless Communication in a Supramolecular Organic, Inorganic System) along all scales of the biological systems (and maybe beyond).

Here, a continuously updated compilation of the ultimate experiments and studies that speak about this postulate, or of something that is lateral or co-lateral to this, is offered. That include concepts like biomolecular recognition using electromagnetic resonance, electrical properties of DNA, ordered waters that absorbs and trap specific frequencies, microtubular dipolar vibration in the megahertz range and their capacity as cavities for biophotons propagation, different sources of biophotons, morphogenetic fields as electromagnetic fields, etc.. Complementing these researches there are also a section with papers about the effects of experimentally applied electromagnetic fields, and a section about the effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by different communication systems (mobile phones, wi-fi, etc.) and electrical devices and cables on living organisms, always referring to non-ionizing and non heating effects but to other more subtle or systemic causes.

There are also two more speculative sections, in the first one there are addressed cases of distant, non-contact influence and communication of the mind and the fact that the existence of different electromagnetic configurations is probably at the root of these experiences. In the last section is proposed that the earth is a living system that has a mind that is expressed in her electromagnetic and geomagnetic configurations.

Hope this is useful!