Short-term radiofrequency exposure from new generation mobile phones reduces EEG alpha power with no effects on cognitive performance

" Both RF exposure types caused a notable decrease in the alpha power over the whole scalp that persisted even after the cessation of the exposure, whereas no effects were found on any aspects of performance in the Stroop test. The results imply that the brain networks underlying global alpha oscillations might require minor reconfiguration to adapt to the local biophysical changes caused by focal RF exposure mimicking MP use."

I have the opinion that most important is the fact of the altered EEG spectra (with the decreased Alpha band activity) than the supposed non effect in cognitive performance. As already is known brain frequencies are specific for multitude of mind functionalities [1], in recent study is found that Alpha band decrease is a symptom of aging [2].

More studies where it's show that EEG is altered when exposed to mobile phones (in 2G, GSM, 3G and others) can be found here [3].

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[2] Lifespan driven reorganization of the global network dynamics unfold on a multifrequency landscape.

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