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Various Reviews
The state of the art in energy healing and telepathy studies is revised

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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Nonlocaity & Fields
Various Reviews

Various Reviews (Reviews, Meta-Analysis, Opinion, etc.)

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

Favailable in PDFEffects of Energy-Based Therapies on Postoperative Recovery: An Integrative Review of the LiteratureCommentary icon2018-(37)Emily M. Wooten
Aavailable in HTMLThe experimental evidence for parapsychological phenomena: A reviewNo comments yet icon2018-(1)E. Cardeña
Favailable in PDFEfficacy and Limitations of Distant Healing Intention: A Review ArticleNo comments yet icon2018-(5)Gioacchino Pagliaro, Giulia Parenti, Lucrezia Adamo
Favailable in PDFOn the correspondence between dream content and target material under laboratory conditions: A meta-analysis of dream-ESP studies, 1966-2016No comments yet icon2017-(21)Lance Storm, Simon J. Sherwood, Chris A. Roe, Patrizio E. Tressoldi, Adam J. Rock, Lorenzo Di Risio
Favailable in PDF and HTMLReiki Is Better Than Placebo and Has Broad Potential as a Complementary Health TherapyCommentary icon2017-(7)David E. McManus
Favailable in PDFThe Manipulation of Perceived Reality Through Nonlocal IntentionNo comments yet icon2017-(4)Stephan A. Schwartz
Favailable in PDF and HTMLAuthentic Healing: Effects on Recipients and HealersNo comments yet icon2016-(6)Kathi J. Kemper
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubEffect of Therapeutic Touch in Patients with Cancer: a Literature ReviewNo comments yet icon2016-(6)Amir Tabatabaee, Mansoureh Zagheri Tafreshi, Maryam Rassouli, Seyed Amir Aledavood, Hamid Alavi Majd, Seyed Kazem Farahmand
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe physical, physiological, and biological effects of qigong therapyNo comments yet icon2016-(23)XinQi Dong, E-Shien Chang, Kevin Chen
Favailable in PDFUncanny Communication and the Porous MindNo comments yet icon2016-(21)Janine de Peyer
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubDistant Healing Intention Therapies: An Overview of the Scientific EvidenceNo comments yet icon2015-(5)Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, Christopher Baur
Favailable in PDFExplicit Anomalous Cognition: A Review of the Best Evidence in Ganzfeld, Forced-choice, Remote Viewing and Dream StudiesNo comments yet icon2014-(43)Johann Baptista, Max Derakhshani, Patrizio Tressoldi
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubA call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousnessNo comments yet icon2014-(4)Etzel Cardeña
Favailable in PDFNontouch Biofield Therapy: A Systematic Review of Human Randomized Controlled Trials Reporting Use of Only Nonphysical Contact TreatmentNo comments yet icon2014-(12)Richard Hammerschlag, Benjamin L Marx, Mikel Aickin
Favailable in PDFBiofield Therapies and Cancer-Related Symptoms: A ReviewNo comments yet icon2014-(9)Silvia Gonella, Lorenza Garrino, Valerio Dimonte
Favailable in PDF and HTMLTwo meta-analyses of non-contact healing studiesNo comments yet icon2014-(13)Chris A. Roe, Charmaine Sonnex, Elizabeth C. Roxburgh
Favailable in PDFTelepathic Entanglements: Where are we Today? Commentary on Paper by Claudie MassicotteNo comments yet icon2014-(13)Janine de Peyer
Favailable in PDFMedical Intuition: The Science of Intuitively Perceiving Physical Ailments and DiseasesNo comments yet icon2013- (342)Jonas L.W. Nordstrom
Favailable in PDFBiophysical Approach to Psi PhenomenaNo comments yet icon2013-(8)Hideyuki Kokubo
Favailable in PDFEnergy Psychology Treatments Over a Distance: The Curious Phenomenon of "Surrogate Tapping"No comments yet icon2013-(12)David Feinstein
Aavailable in HTMLBiofield Therapies for Symptom Management in Palliative and End-of-Life CareNo comments yet icon2013-(1)Ashley M. Henneghan, Rosa N. Schnyer
Favailable in HTML and EpubEnergy Therapies in Advanced Practice Oncology: An Evidence-Informed Practice ApproachCommentary icon2013-13Pamela J. Potter
Favailable in PDFUnbroken Wholeness: The Emerging View of Human InterconnectionNo comments yet icon2013-(8)Larry Dossey
Favailable in PDFCan We Help Just by Good Intentions? A Meta-Analysis of Experiments on Distant Intention EffectsNo comments yet icon2012-(5)Stefan Schmidt
Favailable in PDFExtrasensory Perception and the Brain Hemispheres: Where Does the Issue Stand Now?No comments yet icon2012-(24)Bryan J. Williams
Favailable in PDFEnergy therapies in oncology nursingNo comments yet icon2012-(9)Amanda Bulette Coakley, Anne-Marie Barron
Favailable in PDFMeta-Analysis of ESP Studies, 1987-2010: Assessing the Success of the Forced-Choice Design in ParapsychologyNo comments yet icon2010-(45)Lance Storm, Patrizio E. Tressoldi, Lorenzo di Risio
Favailable in PDFCollective Consciousness and the Social BrainNo comments yet icon2008-(13)Allan Combs, Stanley Krippner
Favailable in PDFAssessing the Evidence for Mind-Matter Interaction EffectsNo comments yet icon2006-(14)Dean Radin, Roger Nelson, York Dobyns, Joop Houtkooper
Favailable in PDFConnectivity and Healing: Some Hypotheses About the Phenomenon and How to Study ItNo comments yet icon2005-(18)Lewis Mehl-Madrona
Favailable in PDFConsciousness, Information, and Living SystemsNo comments yet icon2005-(12)B.J. Dunne, R.G. Jahn
Favailable in PDFRepairing Plato's life boat with ockham's razor: The important function of research in anomalies for consciousness studiesCommentary icon2005-(19)Harald Walach, Stefan Schmidt
Favailable in PDFThe Efficacy of “Distant Healing”: A Systematic Review of Randomized TrialsNo comments yet icon2000-(8)John A. Astin, Elaine Harkness, Edzard Ernst
Favailable in PDFEffect of conscious intention on human DNACommentary icon1996-(12)Glen Rein
Favailable in PDFConsciousness Interactions with remote biological systems: anormal intentionality effectsCommentary icon1991-(46)William G. Braud, Marilyn J. Schlitz



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