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The Electromagnetism Active Role
Mind can influence non-locally and the surrounding EM configuration is related to this

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 04/08/2022

Nonlocaity & Fields
The EM Active Role

The EM Active Role

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

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Favailable in PDFPsychogenic theory of consciousnessCommentary icon2021-(18)Evgeny A. Yumatov
Favailable in PDF and HTMLBrain-to-brain communication: the possible role of brain electromagnetic fields (As a Potential Hypothesis)Commentary icon2021-(9)Ehsan Hosseini
Favailable in PDFPersonality Types and Prānic Energy Perceptions: An Exploratory StudyCommentary icon2020-(12)Srikanth N. Jois, Vijaykumar Vinu, Siddalingayya Hiremath, Kiran Kumar K. Salagame, Ramesh Moulya
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Aavailable in HTMLElectromagnetic waves and mental synchronization of humans in a large crowdCommentary icon2017-(1)P. Fiala, M. Hanzelka,; M. Čáp
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Aavailable in HTMLStochastic Resonation, Paramagnetism and Emotional Contagion in Collective BehavioursNo comments yet icon2016-(1)Alan McDonnell
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Favailable in PDFExperimental Demonstration of Non-Local Connectivity Between Fixed Halves of the Same Human Brain Which Was Not Evident for Brain Sections of Different OriginsNo comments yet icon2016-(12)Nicolas Rouleau, Brady S. Reive, Michael A. Persinger
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Favailable in PDFNovel Biophysical Information Transfer MechanismsNo comments yet icon1974-(118)CIA



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