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Electromagnetism & Water - Information transfer
Information from endogenous electromagnetic fields can be stored in water domains

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 17/08/2023

Endogenous Fields & Mind
EM & Water - Information transfer

Electromagnetism & Water Information transfer

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

Aavailable in HTMLModifying Distant Effect of High Dilutions of Inorganic and Biological SubstancesCommentary icon2023-(1)E. S. Alinkina, I. V. Molodtsova, A. O. Petrova, G. O. Stepanov, E. S. Don
Favailable in PDF and HTMLBiophysical Analysis of Water Exposed to the Meditative Energy Field: Plausible Correlation to Neurophysiological Observations?Commentary icon2023-(21)Dipita Bhattacharyya, Bhisma N Ratha, Ipsita Chakraborty, Gourav Shome, Ranit Pariary, Chumki Nayak, Achintya Singha, Ashish Kalawar, Nakul C Maiti, Atin K Mandal, Ambareesh Modak, Anirban Bhunia
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubInteraction between Highly Diluted Samples, Protein Solutions and Water in a Controlled Magnetic FieldCommentary icon2022-(14)Vadim V. Novikov, Elena V. Yablokova
Favailable in PDFDevelopment of Demarcation and Case of Electromagnetic Information Transfer (EMIT)Commentary icon2021-(6)Elham Rezazadeh, Iman Rad
Favailable in PDF and HTMLPilot Study on the Effect of Biophysical Therapy on Salivary Alpha-Amylase as a Surrogate Measure of Anxiety/Stress: In Search of a Novel Noninvasive Molecular Approach for the Management of StressCommentary icon2020-(11)Ida Ferrara, Colin Gerard Egan, Alberto Foletti
Aavailable in HTMLBiophysical integrated approach for the management of early stages of CKD in elderly patients: a 12-month controlled studyNo comments yet icon2019-(1)Alberto Foletti, Paolo Baron, Mario Cozzolino
Favailable in PDFRate limiting factors for DNA transduction induced by weak electromagnetic fieldNo comments yet icon2018-(12)B. Qing Tang, Tongju Li, Xuemei Bai, Minyi Zhao, Bing Wang, Glen Rein, Yongdong Yang, Peng Gao, Xiaohuan Zhang, Yanpeng Zhao, Qian Feng, Zhongzhen Cai, Yu Chen
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubWater Memory Due to Chains of Nano-PearlsCommentary icon2018-(68)Auguste Meessen
Favailable in PDFIntroducing electromagnetic information transfer through aqueous systemNo comments yet icon2018-(2)A. Foletti, M. Ledda, M.G. Lolli, S. Grimaldi, A. Lisi
Favailable in PDFSome Observations on the Role of Water States for Biological and Therapeutical EffectsNo comments yet icon2018-(15)M. Scalia, P. Avino, M. Sperini, V. Viccaro, A. Pisani, V. I. Valenzi
Favailable in PDFTeleportation of Unicellular Plants across Physical BarriersNo comments yet icon2018-(4)Benjamin J. Scherlag, Khaled Elkholey
Aavailable in HTMLElectronic Transmission of Antibacterial Property Into Water at Extremely Low Frequency Range: A Preliminary StudyNo comments yet icon2018-(1)Iman Rad, Kamran Jalali
Favailable in PDFBiophysical Approach to Knee Osteoarthritis Pain and DisabilityNo comments yet icon2017-(3)Alberto Foletti, Paolo Baron
Aavailable in HTMLBiophysical approach to minor anxiety and Depressive DisordersNo comments yet icon2016-(1)Alberto Foletti, Paolo Baron
Favailable in PDFMethod for digital transduction of DNA in living cells (patent)No comments yet icon2016-(25)Luc Montagnier
Favailable in PDF and HTMLQuantum Information Medicine: Bit as It—The Future Direction of Medical Science: Antimicrobial and Other Potential Nontoxic TreatmentsNo comments yet icon2016-(16)Richard Lawrence Norman, Jeremy Dunning -Davies, Jose Antonio Heredia -Rojas, Alberto Foletti
Aavailable in HTMLThe trail from quantum electro dynamics to informative medicineNo comments yet icon2015-(1)Alberto Foletti, Mario Ledda, Settimio Grimaldi, Enrico D’Emilia, Livio Giuliani, Abraham Liboff, Antonella Lisi
Favailable in PDFAqueous systems can store quanta of electromagnetic information (presentation)No comments yet icon2015-(5)Alberto Foletti
Favailable in PDFSteps towards a Biophysical Approach to Refractory Gynecological InfectionsNo comments yet icon2015-(4)Ida Ferrara, Alberto Foletti
Favailable in PDFEffect of Weak Electromagnetic Fields on Self-Organization of Highly Diluted Solutions of Alkylated p-Sulfonatocalix[6]areneCommentary icon2015-(4)D. A. Konovalov, L. I. Murtazina, I. S. Ryzhkina, A. I. Konovalov
Favailable in PDF and HTMLMaintained Exposure to Spring Water but Not Double Distilled Water in Darkness and Thixotropic Conditions to Weak (~1 µT) Temporally Patterned Magnetic Fields Shift Photon Spectroscopic Wavelengths: Effects of Different Shielding MaterialsNo comments yet icon2015-(16)N. J. Murugan, L. M. Karbowski, R. M. Lafrenie, M. A. Persinger
Favailable in PDFEffect of Weak Electromagnetic Fields on Self-Organization of Highly Diluted Solutions of Alkylated p-Sulfonatocalix[6]areneNo comments yet icon2015-(4)D. A. Konovalovb, L. I. Murtazinaa, I. S. Ryzhkinaa, A. I. Konovalov
Favailable in PDFAntimicrobial Effects of Vancomycin Electro-Transferred Water Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus VariantNo comments yet icon2015-(5)J. Antonio Heredia-Rojas, Licet Villarreal-Treviño, Abraham O. Rodriguez-de la Fuente, Laura I. Herrera-Menchaca, Ricardo Gomez-Flores, Benito David Mata-Cárdenas, Laura E. Rodríguez-Flores
Aavailable in HTMLThe Effect of a Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field on DNA Molecules in Aqueous SolutionsCommentary icon2015-(1)E. E. Tekutskaya, M. G. Barishev, G. P. Ilchenko
Favailable in PDFTransduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic wavesNo comments yet icon2014-(10)Luc Montagnier, Emilio Del Giudice, Jamal Aïssa, Claude Lavallee, Steven Motschwiller, Antonio Capolupo, Albino Polcari, Paola Romano, Alberto Tedeschi, Giuseppe Vitiello
Aavailable in HTMLHigh-dilution effects revisited. 2. Pharmacodynamic mechanismsNo comments yet icon2014-(32)Paolo Bellavite, Marta Marzotto, Debora Olioso, Elisabetta Moratti, Anita Conforti
Favailable in PDFLike cures like: a neuroimmunological model based on electromagnetic resonanceNo comments yet icon2013-(32)Shahram Shahabi, Aditya Kasariyans, Farshid Noorbakhsh
Favailable in PDF and HTMLNew Approach Controlling Cancer: Water MemoryNo comments yet icon2013-(5)Won H. Kim
Favailable in PDFElectromagnetic Information Delivery as a New Perspsctive in MedicineNo comments yet icon2013-(5)Alberto Foletti, Settimio Grimaldi, Mario Ledda, Antonella Lisi
Favailable in PDFNew Perspectives of Bioelectromagnetics in Biology and in Medicine: DNA Spectra for Diagnostic PurposesNo comments yet icon2011-(10)Livio Giuliani, Enrico D’Emilia, Mario Ledda, Settimio Grimaldi, Antonella Lisi
Favailable in PDFElectromagnetic Information Transfer of Specic Molecular Signals Mediated through Aqueous Systems: Experimental Findings on Two Human Cellular ModelsNo comments yet icon2011-(3)Alberto Foletti, Settimio Grimaldi, Mario Ledda, Antonella Lisi
Favailable in PDFElectromagnetic Signals from Bacterial DNACommentary icon2011-(4)A. Widom, J. Swain, Y. N. Srivastava, S. Sivasubramanian
Favailable in PDFDNA waves and waterCommentary icon2011-(10)L. Montagnier , J. Aissa, E. Del Giudice, C. Lavallee, A. Tedeschi, G. Vitiello
Favailable in PDFIs the Living Dynamics Able to Change the Properties of Water?No comments yet icon2010-(8)A. Tedeschi



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