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Electromagnetism & Water - Exclusion Zones
In living systems an important percentage of water is interfacial, so it's structured and very EMF sensitive

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 30/09/2022

Endogenous Fields & Mind
EM & Water - Exclusion Zones

Electromagnetism & Water Exclusion Zones

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Favailable in PDFEZ Water and the Origin of LifeCommentary icon2022-(11)Gerald H. Pollack
Aavailable in HTMLFullerenes Materials Contribute to Ordered Interfacial Cell Water Improving Cellular Electrodynamics and Oxidative Stress ManagementCommentary icon2022-(1)Daniel J. Bourassa, Orien L. Tulp, George P. Einstein
Favailable in PDF and HTMLMagnetic fields induce exclusion zones in waterCommentary icon2022-(11)Valery Shalatonin, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubComputational Investigation of the Ordered Water System Around Microtubules: Implications for Protein InteractionsNo comments yet icon2022-(8)Francesco Chierici, Aristide Dogariu, Jack A. Tuszynski
Favailable in PDF and HTMLSelf-Organization Against Environmental Stressors, Evolved Elaborately Through Spontaneous Turbulent Dilutions, Led Biological Evolution: Chaos/Complexity and Quantum Coherence-Based Novel TheoryCommentary icon2022-(33)R. P. Upadhyay
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubLow frequency weak electric fields can induce structural changes in water (7.8 Hz, 75 Hz, 1000 Hz)Commentary icon2021-(15)Iman Rad, Rainer Stahlberg, Kurt Kung, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDFEffect of Magnetic Fields on UV Absorption and Evaporation of WaterNo comments yet icon2021-(17)Valery Shalatonin, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of infrared radiation on interfacial water at hydrophilic surfacesNo comments yet icon2021-(5)Anqi Wang, Gerald H. Pollack
Aavailable in HTMLReversibility of excitation waves in brain and heart and the energy of interfacial water. Can reversibility be explained by it?No comments yet icon2021-(1)Maura Fernandesde Lima, Wolfgang Hanke
Favailable in PDF and HTMLCells in New Light: Ion Concentration, Voltage, and Pressure Gradients across a Hydrogel MembraneCommentary icon2020-(8)Magdalena Kowacz, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDFStrong Electric Field Observed at the Interface of Aqueous MicrodropletsNo comments yet icon2020-(6)Hanqing Xiong, Jae Kyoo Lee, Richard N. Zare, Wei Min
Favailable in PDF and HTMLSurface-induced flow: A natural microscopic engine using infrared energy as fuelCommentary icon2020-(10)Zheng Li, Gerald H. Pollack
Aavailable in HTMLHealthy Fats and Exclusion-Zone SizeNo comments yet icon2020-(1)Abha Sharma, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDFFeatures of signal transmission and aqueous media in tumorogenesisCommentary icon2019-(8)Ilarion Draguta, Anatolie Mustea, Constantin Popescu, Cornel Iurcu, Ghenadie Gorincioi
Aavailable in HTMLInterfacial water and its potential role in the function of sericin against biofoulingNo comments yet icon2019-(1)Ricardo Pedregal-Cortés, Guillermo Toriz, Ezequiel Delgado, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDF and HTMLDeep into the Water: Exploring the Hydro-Electromagnetic and Quantum-Electrodynamic Properties of Interfacial Water in Living SystemsNo comments yet icon2019-(61)Claudio Messori
Aavailable in HTMLElectrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Applied in Theoretical Model of Exclusion ZoneNo comments yet icon2019-(1)Hugo Abreu Mendes, Maria Yaseen, Marcel T. Bezerra, Frederico D. Nunes, Emery Cleiton C. C. Lins, Shaukat Ali Shaid
Favailable in PDF and HTMLLarge-scale structure formation in ionic solution and its role in electrolysis and conductivityNo comments yet icon2019-(17)Chut-Ngeow Yee, C. H. Raymond Ooi, Luck-Pheng Tan, Misni Misran, Nyiak- Tao Tang
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubEffect of Health-Promoting Agents on Exclusion-Zone SizeCommentary icon2018-(8)Abha Sharma, Colby Adams, Benjamin D. Cashdollar, Zheng Li, Nam V. Nguyen, Himasri Sai, Jiachun Shi, Gautham Velchuru, Kevin Z. Zhu, Gerald H. Pollack
Aavailable in HTMLEffect of Spin Polarization on the Exclusion Zone of WaterCommentary icon2018-(1)Xian He, Yi Zhou, Xing Wen, Alexandr A. Shpilman, Quansheng Ren
Aavailable in HTMLExperimental study of physicochemical changes in water by iterative contact with hydrophilic polymers: A comparison between Cellulose and NafionCommentary icon2018-(1)Vittorio Elia, Rosario Oliva, Elena Napoli, Roberto Germano, Gabriella Pinto, Liliana Lista, Marcella Niccoli, Dario Toso, Giuseppe Vitiello, Marco Trifuoggi, Antonella Giarra, Tamar A. Yinnon
Favailable in PDF and HTMLExclusion zone and heterogeneous water structure at ambient temperatureNo comments yet icon2018-(17)Seong G. Hwang, Jun Ki Hong, Abha Sharma, Gerald H. Pollack, GunWoong Bahng
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of Spinning Magnetic Ferrite on the Exclusion ZoneNo comments yet icon2017-(7)Yi Zhou, Xing Wen, Alexandr A. Shpilman, Quansheng Ren
Favailable in PDFLong-range interactions keep bacterial cells from liquid-solid interfaces: Evidence of a bacteria exclusion zone near Nafion surfaces and possible implications for bacterial attachmentNo comments yet icon2017-(9)Yifan Cheng, Carmen I. Moraru
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubWhy Hydrogels Don’t Dribble WaterNo comments yet icon2017-(7)Gerald H. Pollack
Aavailable in HTML“Exclusion Zone” Formation in Mixtures of Ethanol and WaterNo comments yet icon2017-(1)S. A. Skopinov, M. V. Bodrova, M. P. R. Jablon, G. H. Pollack, F. A. Blyakhman
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffects of Radio Frequency Water Treatment on Revival of Wilted FlowersCommentary icon2017-(29)Andrew Holster
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubQELBY-induced Enhancement of Exclusion Zone Buildup and Seed GerminationCommentary icon2017-(25)Abha Sharma, Dario Toso, Kurt Kung, Gun-Woong Bahng, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDF and HTMLDynamics of formation of the Exclusion Zone near hydrophilic surfacesNo comments yet icon2016-(5)Antonella De Ninno
Favailable in PDF and HTMLWater Ordering Induced by Interfaces: An Experimental and Theoretical StudyCommentary icon2016-(34)T.A. Yinnon, V. Elia, E. Napoli, R. Germano, Z.Q. Liu
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of Local and General Anesthetics on Interfacial WaterNo comments yet icon2016-(9)Nenad Kundacina, Minghui Shi, Gerald H. Pollack
Favailable in PDFIlluminating water and life: Emilio Del GiudiceNo comments yet icon2015-(10)Mae-Wan Ho
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe Solute-Exclusion Zone: A Promising Application for MirofluidicsNo comments yet icon2015-(11)Chi-Shuo Chen, Erik Farr, Jesse M. Anaya, Eric Y-T Chen, Wei-Chun Chin
Favailable in PDFThe origin and the special role of coherent water in living systemsNo comments yet icon2014-(18)Emilio Del Giudice, Vladimir Voeikov, Alberto Tedeschi, Giuseppe Vitiello
Favailable in PDF and HTMLExclusion-Zone Dynamics Explored with Microfluidics and Optical TweezersNo comments yet icon2014-(16)István N. Huszár, Zsolt Mártonfalvi, András József Laki, Kristóf Iván, Miklós Kellermayer
Favailable in PDF and HTMLSelf-Organization at Aqueous Colloid-Membrane Interfaces and an Optical Method to Measure the Kinetics of Exclusion Zone FormationNo comments yet icon2014-(22)Harry Jabs, Beverly Rubik
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe Case for Tetrahedral Oxy-subhydride (TOSH) Structures in the Exclusion Zones of Anchored Polar Solvents Including WaterNo comments yet icon2014-(9)Klaus Oehr, Paul H. LeMay
Favailable in PDF and HTMLLong-range repulsion of colloids driven by ion exchange and diffusiophoresisNo comments yet icon2014-(6)Daniel Florea, Sami Musa, Jacques M. R. Huyghe, Hans M. Wyss
Favailable in PDF and HTMLCan the Hexagonal Ice-like Model Render the Spectroscopic Fingerprints of Structured Water? Feedback from Quantum-Chemical ComputationsNo comments yet icon2014-(20)Javier Segarra-Martí , Daniel Roca-Sanjuán and Manuela Merchán
Favailable in PDF and HTMLSelf-oscillating Water Chemiluminescence Modes and Reactive Oxygen Species Generation Induced by Laser Irradiation; Effect of the Exclusion Zone Created by NafionNo comments yet icon2014-(20)Sergey V. Gudkov, Maxim E. Astashev, Vadim I. Bruskov, Valeriy А. Kozlov, Stanislav D. Zakharov, Nikolai F. Bunkin
Favailable in PDF and HTMLStudy of the Phase States of Water Close to Nafion InterfaceCommentary icon2013-(26)N.F. Bunkin, P.S. Ignatiev, V.A.Kozlov, A.V. Shkirin, S.D. Zakharov, A.A. Zinchenko
Favailable in PDFCoherent structures in liquid water close to hydrophilic surfacesCommentary icon2013-(5)Emilio Del Giudice, Alberto Tedeschi, Giuseppe Vitiello, Vladimir Voeikov
Aavailable in HTMLTowards the understanding at the molecular level of the structured-water absorption and fluorescence spectra: a fingerprint of π-stacked waterNo comments yet icon2013-(1)Javier Segarra-Martí, Pedro B. Coto, Mercedes Rubio, Daniel Roca-Sanjuán, Manuela Merchán
Favailable in PDF and HTMLExperimental Evidence of Stable Aggregates of Water at Room Temperature and Normal Pressure After Iterative Contact with a Nafion® Polymer MembraneCommentary icon2013-(11)V. Elia, G. Ausanio, A. De Ninno, F. Gentile, R. Germano, E. Napoli, M. Niccoli
Favailable in PDFThe Stable Nonequilibrium State of Bicarbonate Aqueous SystemsCommentary icon2012-(9)V. L. Voeikov, N. D. Vilenskaya, Do Minh Ha, S. I. Malyshenko, E. V. Buravleva, O. I. Yablonskaya, K. N. Timofeev
Aavailable in HTMLOrigin of microbial life hypothesis: A gel cytoplasm lacking a bilayer membrane, with infrared radiation producing exclusion zone (EZ) water, hydrogen as an energy source and thermosynthesis for bioenergeticsCommentary icon2012-(1)J.T. Trevors , G.H. Pollack
Favailable in PDFThe Supramolecular Structure of Water: NMR StudiesCommentary icon2010-(11)E. Tiezzi, M. Catalucci, N. Marchettini
 Although they speak of micron sized water conglomerates and Exclusion Zones can have hundred in width, they are probably related:
Aavailable in HTMLUnusual Properties of Water at Heterogeneous Biological InterfacesNo comments yet icon2020-(1)Jae Kyoo Lee, Hong Gil Nam, Richard Zare
Aavailable in HTMLMicrometer-Sized Water Droplets Induce Spontaneous ReductionNo comments yet icon2019-(1)Jae Kyoo Lee, Devleena Samanta, Hong Gil Nam, Richard N. Zare



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