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Electromagnetism & DNA
Chromosomes are influenced by and generate electromagnetic fields

Pablo Andueza Munduate

Is evident that DNA as a fundamental part on living cells must interact with electromagnetic fields if those are an expression of life or mind, there are various clues that point to this intuition. The electromagnetic field generated by oscillation of chromatin is the driving force for chromosome packing during M phase, and more importantly chromosomes have demonstrated, in a nano-scale level, electromagnetic interactions, resonances, fusions and other phenomena. ...

This section is not very developed, but there are various points to explore, firstly and to give a more complet context it must be addressed other section of the web that is titled "EM disruption and cancer" [1] where it's viewed that the cancer transformation pathway includes a link with altered coherent electric vibrations and electromagnetic environment. With this and other clues presented in this site in mind we can read the paper by Canev et al. [2] where in the abstract has been written:

" Our studies reveal previously unidentified electrical properties of chromosomes: (1) chromosomes are amazingly similar in construction and function to electrical transformers; (2) chromosomes possess in their construction and function, components similar to those of electric generators, conductors, condensers, switches, and other components of electrical circuits; (3) chromosomes demonstrate in nano-scale level electromagnetic interactions, resonance, fusion and other phenomena similar to those described by equations in classical physics. These electrical properties and phenomena provide a possible explanation for unclear and poorly understood mechanisms in clinical genetics including: (a) electrically based mechanisms responsible for breaks, translocations, fusions, and other chromosomal abnormalities associated with cancer, intellectual disability, infertility, pregnancy loss, Down syndrome, and other genetic disorders; (b) electrically based mechanisms involved in crossing over, non-disjunction and other events during meiosis and mitosis; (c) mechanisms demonstrating heterochromatin to be electrically active and genetically important."

And also are mentionable the studies by Zhao and Zhan [3,4] where there are suggested that the electric fields generated by synchronized oscillation of microtubules, centrosomes and chromatin fibers facilitate several events during mitosis and meiosis, including centrosome trafficking, chromosome congression in mitosis and synapsis between homologous chromosomes in meiosis.

There is an interesting article by Jon Lieff [5] that revises the latest discoveries about dna electric properties that for example allow the rapid detection of errors (beacuse when nucleotide have error no electric current occur, disrupting it) or allow protein to produce electrons that travel along the DNA wire, also explains that the complex enzymes that repair DNA use complex of iron and sulfur atoms that are involved in electron transfer processes, as many other major genetic enzyme complexes. He related all these and other discoveries with an electromagnetic mind theory and how this mind interacts constantly with molecules, including DNA.

Finally this short (for now) introductory text will finish mentioning that there is a theory that relate DNA with biophoton generation and modulation, as is mentioned in [6] there is a possiblity that the emissions in the deep blue and ultraviolet (150-450nm) range are related to DNA / RNA processes while emissions in the red and near infrared (600-1000nm) range are related to mitochondria and oxidative metabolisms. (here [7] a section in this site where possible sources of biophotons are discussed).

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