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Biophoton Sources
Experiments that give us more clues to recognize the possible origins of emissions

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 23/12/2023

Endogenous Fields & Mind
Biophoton Sources

Biophoton Sources

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

Favailable in PDFWhy are spontaneous bio photons observed only in living organisms? The key role of the proton current in ultra-weak photon emissionCommentary icon2023-(12)Jerzy J. Langer, Marcin Langer
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubImaging of Lipid Peroxidation-Associated Chemiluminescence in Plants: Spectral Features, Regulation and Origin of the Signal in Leaves and RootsCommentary icon2022-(17)Michel Havaux, Brigitte Ksas
FDemonstration of biophoton-driven DNA replication via gold nanoparticle-distance modulated yield oscillationCommentary icon2020-(6)Na Li, Daoling Peng, Xianjing Zhang, Yousheng Shu, Feng Zhang, Lei Jiang, Bo Song
Favailable in PDFClastogenic ROS and biophotonics in precancerous diagnosisCommentary icon2018-(20)Muhammad Naveed, Mohammad Raees, Irfan Liaqat, Mohammad Kashif
Aavailable in HTMLManipulation of cellular energy reveals the relationship between ultraweak luminescence and cellular energy during senescence of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) fruitsCommentary icon2018-(1)Jinli Guo, Huan Liu, Yang Bai, Yutong Yan, Lianguo Li
Favailable in PDFUltraweak photon emission in strawberry fruit during ripening and aging is related to energy levelCommentary icon2017-(6)Jinli Guo, Guanyu Zhu, Lianguo Li, Huan Liu, Shuang Liang
Favailable in PDFInversion of a two-level atom by quantum superoscillationsCommentary icon2017-(8)I. V. Doronin, A. A. Pukhov, E. S. Andrianov, A. P. Vinogradov, A. A. Lisyansky
Favailable in PDFTracking biochemical changes correlated with ultra-weak photon emission using metabolomicsNo comments yet icon2016-(9)Rosilene Cristina Rossetto Burgos, Kateřina Červinková, Tom van der Laan, Rawi Ramautar, EduardP.A. van Wijk, Michal Cifra, Slavik Koval, Ruud Berger, Thomas Hankemeier, Jan van der Greef
FPossible theoretical basis of biophotons using Resonant Recognition ModelNo comments yet icon2016-(2)Irena Cosic, Drasko Cosic
Aavailable in HTMLProteins involved in biophoton emission and flooding-stress responses in soybean under light and dark conditionsCommentary icon2016-(1)Abu Hena Mostafa, KamalSetsuko Komatsu
Favailable in PDFVariable Viscosity of Water as the Controlling Factor in Energetic Quantities That Control Living Systems: Physicochemical and Astronomical InteractionsNo comments yet icon2015-(10)Lukasz M. Karbowski , Michael A. Persinger
Favailable in PDFOptical spectral analysis of ultra-weak photon emission from tissue culture and yeast cellsNo comments yet icon2015-(7)Michaela Nerudová, Kateřina Červinková, Jiří Hašek, Michal Cifra
Favailable in PDFBiological Electric Fields and Rate Equations for BiophotonsNo comments yet icon2014-(6)J. Swain, A. Widom, M. Alvermann, Y. N. Srivastava
Favailable in PDFEnhancement of biophoton emission of prostate cancer cells by Ag nanoparticlesCommentary icon2013-(6)Marius Hossu, Lun Ma, Xiaoju Zou, Wei Chen
Aavailable in HTMLThe mechanism and properties of bio-photon emission and absorption in protein molecules in living systemsCommentary icon2012-(1)Xiao-feng Pang
Favailable in PDFBiophoton emissions from cell cultures: biochemical evidence for the plasma membrane as the primary sourceNo comments yet icon2011-(9)Blake T. Dotta, Carly A. Buckner, Dianne Cameron, Robert M. Lafrenie, Michael A. Persinger
Favailable in PDFAsbestos as 'toxic short-circuit' optic-fibre for UV within the cell-net: — Likely roles and hazards for secret UV and IR metabolismNo comments yet icon2011-(15)Robert R. Traill
Favailable in PDFMeaningful UV and IR photon-exchange within bio-tissue? — Interdisciplinary evidence, and a new way to view asbestos toxicityNo comments yet icon2010-(20)Robert R. Traill
Favailable in PDFNonlinear mechanism for weak photon emission from biosystemsNo comments yet icon2008-(5)Larissa Brizhik
Favailable in PDFA look at some systemic properties of self-bioluminescent emissionNo comments yet icon2008-(11)Katherine Creath
Favailable in PDFPhysical properties of biophotons and their biological functionsNo comments yet icon2008-(7)Chang Jiin-Ju



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