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Biophotons Coherence & Statistics
Possible coherent properties of this internally generated light is discussed

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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Endogenous Fields & Mind
Biophotons Coherence & Statistics

Biophotons Coherence & Statistics

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

Favailable in PDF and HTMLEndogenous Chemiluminescence from Germinating Arabidopsis Thaliana SeedsCommentary icon2018-(10)Homa Saeidfrozeh, Azizollah Shafekhani, MichalCifra, Amir Ali Masoudi
Favailable in PDFClassical analysis of time behavior of radiation fields associated with biophoton signalsNo comments yet icon2016-(9)Jeong Ryeol Choi, Daeyeoul Kim, Salah Menouar, Ramazan Sever, M. Sebawe Abdalla
Favailable in PDFBiophotons, coherence and photocount statistics: a critical reviewNo comments yet icon2015-(37)Michal Cifra, Christian Brouder, Michaela Nerudová, Ondrej Kucera
Favailable in PDFCoherence and statistical properties of ultra-weak photon emissionNo comments yet icon2015-(26)Christian Brouder, Michal Cifra
Favailable in PDFBiophotonic Route for Understanding Mind, Brain and the WorldNo comments yet icon2015-(12)Rajendra P. Bajpai
Favailable in PDFAttributes characterizing spontaneous ultra-weak photon signals of human subjectsNo comments yet icon2013-(6)Rajendra P. Bajpai, Eduard P.A. Van Wijk, Roeland Van Wijk, Jan van der Greef
Favailable in PDF and HTMLHints at Quantum Characteristics of Light Signals Measured from a Human SubjectNo comments yet icon2013-(7)David Racine, Anshu Rastogi, Rajendra P. Bajpai
Favailable in PDFQuantum nature of photon signal emitted by Xanthoria parietina and its implications to biologyNo comments yet icon2008-(13)Rajendra P. Bajpai



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