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Biophotons Coherence & Statistics
Possible coherent properties of this internally generated light is discussed

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 19/03/2019

Endogenous Fields & Mind
Biophotons Coherence & Statistics

Biophotons Coherence & Statistics

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

Favailable in PDF and HTMLShort-time fractal analysis of biological autoluminescenceCommentary icon2019-(17)Martin Dlask, Jarom´ır Kukal, Michaela Poplová, Pavel Sovka, Michal Cifra
Favailable in PDFBiophotons: low signal/noise ratio reveals crucial eventsCommentary icon2019-(17)Maurizio Benfatto, Elisabetta Pace, Catalina Curceanu, Alessandro Scordo, Alberto Clozza, Ivan Davoli, Massimiliano Lucci, Roberto Francini, Fabio De Matteis, Maurizio Grandi, Rohisha Tuladhar, Paolo Grigolini
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEndogenous Chemiluminescence from Germinating Arabidopsis Thaliana SeedsCommentary icon2018-(10)Homa Saeidfrozeh, Azizollah Shafekhani, Michal Cifra, Amir Ali Masoudi
Favailable in PDFClassical analysis of time behavior of radiation fields associated with biophoton signalsNo comments yet icon2016-(9)Jeong Ryeol Choi, Daeyeoul Kim, Salah Menouar, Ramazan Sever, M. Sebawe Abdalla
Favailable in PDFBiophotons, coherence and photocount statistics: a critical reviewNo comments yet icon2015-(37)Michal Cifra, Christian Brouder, Michaela Nerudová, Ondrej Kucera
Favailable in PDFCoherence and statistical properties of ultra-weak photon emissionNo comments yet icon2015-(26)Christian Brouder, Michal Cifra
Favailable in PDFBiophotonic Route for Understanding Mind, Brain and the WorldNo comments yet icon2015-(12)Rajendra P. Bajpai
AAttributes characterizing spontaneous ultra-weak photon signals of human subjectsNo comments yet icon2013-(1)Rajendra P. Bajpai, Eduard P.A. Van Wijk, Roeland Van Wijk, Jan van der Greef
Favailable in PDF and HTMLHints at Quantum Characteristics of Light Signals Measured from a Human SubjectNo comments yet icon2013-(7)David Racine, Anshu Rastogi, Rajendra P. Bajpai
Favailable in PDFQuantum nature of photon signal emitted by Xanthoria parietina and its implications to biologyNo comments yet icon2008-(13)Rajendra P. Bajpai



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