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It is possible to extend this hypothesis and think over a living planet in scientific way

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 05/08/2021

Earth Fields - Gaia


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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

FEarth’s Complexity Is Non-Computable: The Limits of Scaling Laws, Nonlinearity and ChaosCommentary icon2021-(13)Sergio Rubin, Michel Crucifix
Favailable in PDFThe Traces of Gaia in the Gavilan: Reconsiderations for a planetary land ethic in the encouter of an ecocritic and an environmental scientistNo comments yet icon2020-(25)A. Cemal Saydam, Ufuk Özda
Favailable in PDF and HTMLObservational evidence that a feedback control system with proportional-integral-derivative characteristics is operating on atmospheric surface temperature at global scaleCommentary icon2020-(14)L. Mark W. Leggett, David A. Ball
Favailable in PDFMore than planetary-scale feedback self-regulation: A Biological-centred approach to the Gaia HypothesisNo comments yet icon2019-(26)Sergio Rubin, Michel Crucifix
AGaia—A Holobiont-like System Emerging From Interaction (the book the chapter is from, alternative download)No comments yet icon2019-(1)Wolfgang zu Castell, Ulrich Lüttge, Rainer Matyssek
AIs Gaia alive? The future of a symbiotic planetNo comments yet icon2018-(1)Roberto Cazzolla Gatti
Favailable in PDFThe terrestrial metasystemNo comments yet icon2018-(11)Adalberto Benavides-Mendoza
ADarwinizing GaiaNo comments yet icon2017-(1)W. Ford Doolittle
Favailable in PDF and HTMLGaia and her microbiomeNo comments yet icon2017-(13)John F. Stolz
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe Role of Microbial Electron Transfer in the Coevolution of the Biosphere and GeosphereNo comments yet icon2016-(20)Benjamin I. Jelen, Donato Giovannelli, Paul G. Falkowski
Favailable in PDF and HTMLA Long Neglected Damper in the El Niño—Typhoon Relationship: a ‘Gaia-Like’ ProcessNo comments yet icon2015-(7)Zhe-Wen Zheng, I.I. Lin, Bin Wang, Hsiao-Ching Huang, Chi-Hong Chen
Favailable in PDFBetween 'Biosphere' and 'Gaia'. Earth as a Living Organism in Soviet Geo-EcologyNo comments yet icon2014-(14)Giulia Rispoli
Favailable in PDFGaia: The Planet HolobiontNo comments yet icon2013-(20)Rainer Matyssek, Ulrich Luttge
Favailable in PDFEn defensa de una teoría Gaia orgánicaNo comments yet icon2013-(6)Carlos de Castro Carranza
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe Emergence of Environmental Homeostasis in Complex EcosystemsNo comments yet icon2013-(9)James G. Dyke, Iain S. Weaver
Favailable in PDFThe Living Earth and Its Ethical PriorityNo comments yet icon2003-(14)Stan Rowe



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