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Experiments that indicate that mind processes 'inside' biosystems influence earth subtly and globally

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 14/03/2020

Earth Fields - Gaia

Various (Global/Collective Consciousness)

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Publication Year (and Number of Pages)

Favailable in PDFEvoked Potentials and GCP Event DataNo comments yet icon2019-(13)Roger D. Nelson
Favailable in PDFSocio-political Violence in Cambodia Between 1990 and 2008: An Explanatory Mixed Methods Study of Social CoherenceNo comments yet icon2019-(45)Lee C. Fergusson, Kenneth L. Cavanaugh
Favailable in PDF and HTMLSocietal Violence and Collective Consciousness: Reduction of U.S. Homicide and Urban Violent Crime RatesNo comments yet icon2016-(16)Michael C. Dillbeck, Kenneth L. Cavanaugh
Favailable in PDFAn analysis of the global consciousness projectNo comments yet icon2014-(20)Peter A. Bancel
Favailable in PDFThe Global Coherence Initiative Investigating the Dynamic Relationship between People and Earth’s Energetic SystemsNo comments yet icon2014-(16)Rollin McCraty, Annette Deyhle
Favailable in PDFGCP Technical Note: Global Harmony 1998 - 2014No comments yet icon2014-(11)Bryan J. Williams
Favailable in PDFThe Global Consciousness ProjectNo comments yet icon2014-(4)Roger D. Nelson
Favailable in PDFThe Global Coherence Initiative: Creating a Coherent Planetary Standing WaveNo comments yet icon2012-(14)Rollin McCraty, Annette Deyhle, Doc Childre
Favailable in PDFInterdisciplinary search for field-like coherence and coordination principles in the case of social modelingNo comments yet icon2012-(6)Saulius Masteika, Darius Plikynas
Favailable in PDFEffects of mass consciousness: Changes in random data during global eventsNo comments yet icon2011-(23)Roger D. Nelson
Favailable in PDFReply to May and Spottiswoode’s “The Global Consciousness Project: Identifying the Source of Psi”No comments yet icon2011-(5)Peter A. Bancel
Favailable in PDFA Field-Theoretic View of Consciousness: Reply to CriticsNo comments yet icon2009-(28)David W. Orme-Johnson, Robert M. Oates
Favailable in PDFThe GCP Event Experiment: Design, Analytical Methods, ResultsCommentary icon2008-(25)PeterA. Bancel, Roger D. Nelson
Favailable in PDFGCP Technical Note: Global Harmony 1998 – 2007Commentary icon2008-(9)Bryan J. Williams
Favailable in PDFAlleviating Political Violence through Reducing Collective Tension: Impact Assessment Analyses of the Lebanon WarCommentary icon2005-(28)John L. Davies, Charles N. Alexander
Favailable in PDFEffect of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Biochemical Indicators of Stress in Non-Meditators: A Prospective Time Series StudyCommentary icon2005-(36)Kenneth G. Walton, Kenneth L. Cavanaugh, Nirmal D. Pugh
Favailable in PDFPreventing Terrorism and International Conflict: Effects of Large Assemblies of Participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi ProgramsCommentary icon2003-(20)David W. Orme-Johnson, Michael C. Dillbeck, Charles N. Alexander



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