Modulation of DNA conformation by heart-focused intention

They first show the importance of the heart rhythm, in particular the Heart Rate Variability, which must be variable between certain parameters (old person has this variability more atrophied), and they point out that with negative emotions such as anger, frustration, or anxiety, heart rhythms become more erratic and disordered and that with positive emotions rhythms are more coherent because of greater synchronization between the two branches of the ANS.

Secondly they describe how the heart generated electromagnetic field, the most powerful field generated in the body, can act as synchronizator to all the cells of the body. They say that the rhythmically pulsing waves of electromagnetic energy generated by the heart create fields within fields that give rise to interference patterns when they interact with magnetically polarizable tissues and substances. Also they has proved experimentally that this field affect cells in vitro and can be detected by other persons five feet away.

In this point is interesting to note the probability that DNA conformation and expression can be guided by electromagnetic fields [1].

There are reported experiments carried out by the authors to test the possibility of intentional (heart-focused intention) change in the conformational state of DNA molecules of samples held by participants for 2 min. Results are positive with a mean change in conformation of 10.27% with cases of 25%. Also the UV spectra indicate a very large increase in absorption.

They also do tests to check if specific target are achieved (intention over two samples leaving other one intact) and results are again positive suggesting that information is very specific and is not simply an amorphous energy field.

Finally it reports the experiments on non-local intention (up to 0.5 miles) over DNA samples in other locations. All this data support the hypothesis that an energetic connection exists between structures in the quantum vacuum and corresponding structures on the physical plane, and that this connection can be influenced by human intentionality.

[1] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Endogenous Electromagnetic Fields › Electromagnetism & DNA

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