Mindfulness and distal influence of social groups

" The experiment consisted of exposing inducer subjects to visual stimuli with affective significance and simultaneous measurement of the effect of distal social influence on receiver subjects. There is a significant positive relationship between specific skills and the number of the brain connections performed by psihoinformational distal influence. This information transfer by distal influence can be done by any normal healthy subject, but the most effective ones are found to be those who have a specific training, namely mindfulness. Emotion has been identified as the distal influence mediator." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Manolea, A. (2017). Mindfulness and Distal Influence of Social Groups. Romanian Journal of Psychological Studies (RJPS)–Hyperion University of Bucharest, 5(2). RJPS is an open access electronic journal. Articles published are freely available online to all categories of users.

Last modified on 08-Jan-19

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