Is there an information field in the life world empirical approach with physical distance and faraday shielding to test a non local communication phenomenon with human beings

An interesting thesis on non-local mental communication, they use Faraday cages, but there are numerous researches that those cages, in general, don't shield for extremely low frequency (EMF) fields, that include earth's Schumann resonances [1]. Furthermore, it seems also that EM fields may play a role when evoquing similar enviro in separated locations: [2] [3].

[1] Reddit -- [Shielding: Faraday Cage] Faraday cages attenuate EMF and low to medium RF. Faraday cages do not attenuate ELF, magnetic near field, high RF (millimeter) and radar.

[2] Rouleau, N., Carniello, T. N., & Persinger, M. A. (2016). Identifying Factors Which Contribute to the Magnitude of Excess Correlations between Magnetic Field-Paired Volumes of Water. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 7(03), 136.

[3] Juden-Kelly, L. M., Dotta, B. T., Vares, D. A., & Persinger, M. A. (2015). Demonstration of excess correlation in non-local random number generators sharing circular, changing angular velocity magnetic fields. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 6(9).

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