Alternative Medicine Techniques Have Non-Linear Effects on Radiation Response and Can Alter the Expression of Radiation Induced Bystander Effects

" The data suggest that the alternative techniques altered the response of cells to direct irradiation and altered bystander signal mechanisms. We conclude that alternative medicine techniques involving electromagnetic perturbations may modify the response of cells to ionizing radiation." {Credits 1}

It's interesting to note, regarding the objectives of this site, the description made of the bystander effect and how it's possible that endogenous electromagnetic fields generated in biological systems are responsible for these effects:

" …the discovery of the non-clonal appearance of lethal mutations in apparently healthy distant progeny of irradiated cells in 1986 (Seymour et al. 1986), the discovery of non-clonal appearance of chromosomal aberrations in distant progeny of alpha particle irradiated hematopoietic stem cells in 1992 (Kadhim et al. 1992). Both reports showed high yields of damage in distant progeny which could not be explained by any conventional mechanism. Implicit in the 1992 paper was the realization that cells which did not get an alpha track could show damage associated with receiving such a track. This was formally demonstrated later in 1992 (Nagazawa and Little, 1992) when it was shown that cells exposed to low fluences of alpha particles such that not all cells received an energy deposition, more cells than could have been hit showed chromosomal aberrations. This effect was termed the radiationinduced bystander effect (RIBE). Since 1986 the field has grown exponentially and these low dose phenomena are regarded as interrelated nontargeted effects of radiation with a consensus that genomic instability is being driven by bystander associated mechanisms including the production of reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species (ROS/NOS), calcium fluxes and activation of ion gated channels (Clutton et al. 1996; Lyng et al. 2001; Mothersill et al, 2005, Lyng et al. 2006; Mothersill and Seymour, 2006, Shao et al. 2006; Shao et al. 2008; Mothersill et al. 2010; Lyng et al. 2011). However the nature of the released factors which travel from cell to cell are still a mystery and there are suggestions that the factors may have a physical component (Mosse et al. 2006; Mothersill et al. 2007; Dr Olga Senyiuk, Chernobyl Research Centre, Chernobyl Village, Ukraine, p.comm 2011, cited with permission).

Consideration of the possibility of a physical component to the factor prompted us to review the field of electromagnetic frequency effects on cells and organisms." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Mothersill, C., Smith, R., Henry, M., Seymour, C., & Wong, R. (2013). Alternative medicine techniques have non-linear effects on radiation response and can alter the expression of radiation induced bystander effects. Dose-Response, 11(1), dose-response. © 2013 University of Massachusetts. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.

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