Electromagnetic Emission from Humans during Focused intent

" .. Results: Using the infrared detectors, we have noted that most healers become much redder on the forehead and palms as the healing meditation progresses. Over a multi-year period we have measured radiation from approximately 100 different subjects in the darkroom using the photomultiplier detector which measures the number of photons per second that are emitted. With the darkroom is empty, the photomultiplier detector reads a baseline count of approximately 5 photons per second. The count rises to approximately 8 or 10 photons per second with human control subjects in the darkroom. In a recent series of tests with groups of three subjects in the darkroom doing healing meditations, the photon count typically rose to approximately 40 to 60 photons per second. When the subjects were instructed to stop meditating, the count consistently dropped back to the baseline of approximately 8 to 10 photons per second. Three individual subjects on multiple occasions have emitted 400,000 to 800,000 photons per second over a time span of several seconds."

Last modified on 10-Apr-16

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