Distant Healing by the Supposed Vital Energy – Scientific Bases

The authors propose an EM mediated effect of focused intention, to sustain this assumption firstly they do a review of the biological targets that are susceptible to EM fields of very low intensity, including: rapid phosphorylation of specific receptor proteins in cell membranes that could initiate cascades of intra-cellular signals, enzymatic processes and the rate of in which molecules encounter each other, effects on ions, and free radicals. And says that these processes also appear capable of acting on specific regions of DNA and regulate expression of several proteins. Although it is not mentioned in this paper, water itself may be a target for various frequency ranges of electromagnetic fields [1]. In all cases referring to non-thermal intensities.

They also briefly review various theories on distant healing, various of them recurring to a 'subtle energy' that can't be measured, and authors think are excessively problematic. But as the authors say the fact is that there is experimental evidence of distant effects, so they propose a more scientifically testable hypothesis based on electromagnetic transmission of information, where there is some external afferent EM energy whose source may be the organism of the practitioner or even EM waves from the environment, and where the focused intention of the practitioner imprints information in this EM energy, modifying the waves that arrive to the patient body, making possible the modulation of chemical reactions.

[1] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Water & Electromagnetic Fields › Electromagnetism & Water - Coherence Domains

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