Brain-to-brain communication the possible role of brain electromagnetic fields (As a Potential Hypothesis)

" Up now, the communication between brains of different humans or animals has been confirmed and confined by the sensory medium and motor facilities of body. Recently, direct brain-to-brain communication (DBBC) outside the conventional five senses has been verified between animals and humans. Nevertheless, no empirical studies or serious discussion have been performed to elucidate the mechanism behind this process. The validation of DBBC has been documented via recording similar pattern of action potentials occurring in the brain cortex of two animals. With regard to action potentials in brain neurons, the magnetic field resulting from the action potentials created in neurons is one of the tools where the brain of one animal can affect the brain of another. It has been shown that different animals, even humans, have the power to understand the magnetic field." {Credits 1}

They propose various mechanism for sensing very small intensities, one by the creaton of action potentials in neurons via electromagnetic induction (like the induction in the "ephaptic coupling" where physically separated neurons coordinate via the extracellular fields they generate as is seen for example in [1]).

And as specific sensors also they propose Cryptochrome and/or magnetic nanoparticles in neurons.

They can be sensors. I want to underline that, apart from all this, both hearth's [2] an earth's [3] fields can intermediate in those experiences. An also the consider the series of experiments by Persinger and colleagues from where it is deducted that when similar electromagnetic environment occur in two spaces a kind of non-local communication appear between them [4, 5], that can address (IMHO) to the idea that with the intention and imagination one is creating (somewhere) a field that is equivalent to that present in the 'target', so a kind of connection appears between the two, and the 'target' can sense a change.

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{Credits 1} 🎪 Hosseini, E. (2021). Brain-to-brain communication: the possible role of brain electromagnetic fields (As a Potential Hypothesis). Heliyon, 7(3), e06363. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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