Towards the understanding at the molecular level of the structured-water absorption and fluorescence spectra: a fingerprint of π-stacked water

" An intriguing absorption peak around ∼270 nm (4.59 eV) has been recurrently recorded in aqueous solutions of salts, sugars, amino acids, in the free-solute zone (exclusion zone) adjacent to various hydrophilic surfaces, as well as a transient in the conversion process of ice to water. The corresponding associated fluorescence has been observed in the interval 480–490 nm (2.58–2.53 eV). The spectroscopic features have been related to the presence of structured water but its nature remains incompletely understood. ... Therefore, near-ultraviolet light may favour the formation of structured water. Two relaxed side-hydrated π-stacked water molecules (a relaxed tetramer) constitute the smallest unique excimer-type fluorescent moiety consistent with the available experimental data. "

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