Toward an Electromagnetic Paradigm for Biology and Medicine

The author expresses how because the successfulness of the clinical application of electromagnetic therapies (especially when are using subtle energies without ionizing or thermal effects) the scientific community have started to see more seriously the possible role of this force on the biological organization, health and function.

For the author it's possible to view the living system as an electromagnetic entity, with the response of the system to a given electric or magnetic signal as an outcome expected on the basis of physical law.

So he reviews some of the well-defined electrical properties that organism and biostructures has and use. For example, the organization of organism is surely electrically mediated, the well-defined piezoelectric properties of bone (that has it origins in the interspersed collagen components) provoke the differentiation (in osteoclast or osteoblast) of undifferentiated cells, the electric polarization in the skeleton and the human development, etc.

He also reviews some experimental evidences of the effects of low intensity electromagnetic fields on biological systems (see section [1]), where it can view for example that maximum biologic response were observed at certain frequencies being a suggestive that there are resonance effects.

He points out the fact that with death, the distributions of charge and current, or equivalently, the associated electromagnetic field for the system, are not longer viable, so it can be suggested that life process itself is an expression of the electromagnetic field. Also he mentions that superconducting quantum interference detection (SQUID) technologies routinely detect magnetic signals from the brain, the heart, and other endogenous current sources and that each of these signals is magnetically coherent, reflecting the fact that the currents in each source are in phase, with changes occurring simultaneously.


" Work by Lund, Burr, Becker, and others leads to the inescapable conclusion that organisms tend to express quasi systemic electric changes when perturbed, and, conversely, will tend toward wellness either through endogenous repair currents or the application of equivalent external currents. We show that an all-inclusive electromagnetic field representation for living systems is fully consistent with this extensive body of work. This electrogenomic field may provide the basis for a new paradigm in biology and medicine that is radically different from the present emphasis on molecular biology and biochemistry. An electromagnetic field description also enables a more rational transformation from the genome than the present endpoint, universally stated in terms of the so-called visible characteristics. Furthermore, once the organism is described as an electromagnetic entity, this strongly suggests the reason for the efficacy of the various electromagnetic therapies, namely as the most direct means of restoring the body’s impacted electromagnetic field to its normal state."

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