The nature of biological radiation and the deceleration of aging

" Living organisms have specific biological radiation. This radiation has a material nature, because it affects the objects that surround living creatures and can be registered. The paper discusses the examples of the effects of biological radiation on plant life. It was found that biological radiation can both accelerate and slow down the growth and wilting of plants. The relationship between biological radiation and magnetic field was shown. An explanation of the emergence of geographical “zones of longevity” as a consequence of a high concentration of biological radiation in areas of high geomagnetic field was proposed. A theoretical explanation of the physical nature of biological radiation was proposed." {Credits 1}

" It is also necessary to note the similar nature of the effect on plants of water magnetized by the south poles of several magnets, water saturated with biological radiation obtained directly from living organisms, as well as water saturated with biological radiation through a multi-cavity tube structure. This water contributed to better germination of grains and their accelerated growth." {Credits 1}

" An explanation of the difference in the effect of water saturated with biological radiation using a multi-cavity structure, or magnetized with several magnets, and water directly saturated with biological radiation of living organisms, may consist in the fact that in the first two cases, the water simply activated the internal vital forces of grains, compelling them to faster and better germinating. In the case of direct saturation of water with biological radiation of the viola or human, this water probably transmitted additional energy nutrition to germinating grains and tríticum durum sprouts, that contributed to their constant accelerated growth." {Credits 1}

" Thus, biological radiation is probably a kind of electric current that can propagate beyond a conductor, but quickly dissipates. As it was shown above, this electric current is present everywhere in the atmosphere. At the same time, it is concentrated in an increased volume near permanent magnets, pyramidal objects of artificial and natural origin (mountains), cavity structures and living organisms. In addition, this electric current, interacting with various objects and substances, contributes to the accumulation of energy in them, that can be then transferred to other objects." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Irina Zueva (2021). The nature of biological radiation and the deceleration of aging. African Journal of Biological Sciences. 3(3), 80-92. Copyright © 2021 Irina Zueva. This open access article is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution License.

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