Phonon Guided Biology: Architecture of Life and Conscious Perception are mediated by Toroidal Coupling of Phonon, Photon and Electron Information Fluxes at Eigen-frequencies

" Based on the material presented in the present paper, the following novel axiom/biological principle might be at stake: nature makes use of specific set of eigen-frequencies of electromagnetic waves as well as of quantum states, that exhibit frequency ratios of 1:2, and closely approximate partials of 2:3, 3:4 and higher partials, that can be expressed in scalars. These frequencies may provide a vibrational spectrum that can resonate with cellular “antennae” in the form of bio-molecular structures related to informational ions such as Ca2+. In addition, plasma-, channel-, and tubular proteins as well as oligonucleotides in the cell, may also both absorb and emit quantum wave information."

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