Modern biophysical view of electromagnetic processes of the phenomenon of life of living biological systems as a promising basis for the development of complex medicine the role of cell membranes

" The results of a theoretical study of the role of cell membranes in electromagnetic generation and in the process of realizing the phenomenon of life are presented in the article. The aim of the theoretical study was to summarize the existing scientific physical and biological knowledge of modern science about the electromagnetic processes of the phenomenon of life at the cellular level in order to deepen the fundamental knowledge of complex medicine. ... The main conclusions of the theoretical study were made as follows: 1) Cell membranes can be considered one of the main morphological structures of electromagnetic generation at the cellular level. 2) Cell viability is ensured by electromagnetic generation and electromagnetic generation of cells can be considered as a separate important function of membranes in addition to those already defined, as it provides signaling. 3) The end result of electromagnetic generation of cell membranes and all molecules of the cell is its own electromagnetic fields, which have a millimeter wavelength range with a frequency of 1010-1011 Hz and they are a quantum mechanical result of electromagnetic generations, perform the information-energy function in intercellular interaction in vivo." {Credits 1}

" It is generally known that the biopolymer molecule has the same structure in vivo and in vitro. However, biopolymer molecules are alive in a living organism - in vivo and cease to be alive in vitro. Why is this so? What changes occur in a molecule if its molecular composition remains the same? We believe that the answer to this question can be based on the ideas of modern biophysics. It is important that the quantum mechanical (energy) characteristics of atoms change in the molecules that have entered the state in vitro. Energy from other biopolymers of the body has ceased to flow to them. This changed their energy state and energy levels gradually began to fail to meet the life support needs of the molecule in vitro. This led to the cessation of the phenomenon of life in the biological polymer and the molecule became dead, although its structure remained unchanged. Thus, it becomes clear that the basis of the phenomenon of life at the level of cells and tissues must be related to the peculiarities of the energy processes between atoms in biopolymers and the life of a living biological system is an electromagnetic process." {Credits 1}

" he mechanisms of membrane electromagnetic generation of biocurrents in living biological systems continue to be studied and discussed. Membrane theory describes a generally accepted model of membrane operation due to Na+/K+-pumps. However, a number of scientists continue to actively criticize this theory. For example, a weak point of the membrane theory was the calculated energy consumption of ion diaphragm pumps, which is incompatible with common sense. Scientists have estimated that membranes need 3,600 times more energy to maintain Na+ and K+ gradients through Na+/K+-ATPase than a cell can actually store. Thus, fundamental natural science has studied and modeled in detail the structural components of cell organization, but it has not been able to explain the universal mechanism of cellular energy supply and the emergence of magnetoelectric phenomena in cells from the standpoint of classical electrochemistry." {Credits 1}

" The model of the circuit of membrane magnetoelectrochemical generation of biocurrents can be considered a promising option for a possible solution to the “crisis of energy supply of membranes”. This model describes a universal mechanism for explaining the phenomenon of electromagnetism in living biological systems. This mechanism is a consequence of the occurrence of alternating current in the membranes. This model describes the mechanism of current occurrence in membranes on the basis of the laws of electrochemistry of semiconductors and the laws of self-organization of electrode reactions." {Credits 1}

" The biological role of electromagnetic generation of cell membranes is also that the membranes create electromagnetic radiation of cells and thus determine the information and energy contact of cells with each other. Electromagnetic generation of cells determines the implementation of information and energy processes of cellular phenomenology of life. This is a signaling mechanism. It was found that areas of membranes with protein molecules included in them oscillate with a frequency of 0.5⋅1011 Hz." {Credits 1}

" It is established that cell membranes have a potential difference of 60-80 mV at a thickness of 70 A. This determines the value of the field strength 107 V/m and this is an indicator of a fairly high voltage level. Single cells generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field in the millimeter wavelength range with a frequency of 1-100 GHz ... Resonant frequencies of influence of electromagnetic radiation of ultrahigh-frequency of millimeter range on water structures and biological objects make 50-100 GHz and have discrete character. This is probably due to the quantum nature of radiation, and possibly the existence of areas in the system (presumably hexagonal fragments of water), energy transitions are discrete in which and those that are in the specified range. The mechanism of propagation of information signals at the cellular level is associated by some scientists with the existence of acoustoelectric waves precisely because their frequencies may coincide with the frequencies of individual organs, disrupting their work [26, 47, 53-60]." {Credits 1}

" The formation of the cells' own electromagnetic fields is the end result of the electromagnetic generation of cell membranes and all cell molecules. The electromagnetic fields of cells of all living biological organisms have a millimeter wavelength range with a frequency of 1010-1011 Hz and are a quantum-mechanical result of the electromagnetic energy interaction of all electromagnetic generations. These fields can serve as an electromagnetic “model/framework” of a living biological system, according to some scientists. This electromagnetic “framework” can determine the morphological features of a biological organism according to the ideas of the quantum-mechanical theory of the phenomenon of life of Рrof. S. P. Sitko. This can ensure the realization of the phenomenon of life as well. Each self-functioning cell [and any living object - tissue, organ, organism] is an integral quantum-mechanical system due to the presence of its own generated electromagnetic field. The macroscopic self-consistent potential of a cell can be formed according to the genome by laser type in the millimeter range of electromagnetic waves due to the electromagnetic activity of cell membranes [13, 45, 61-73]." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 G. Nevoit, I. A. Bumblyte, M. Potyazhenko, and O. Minser, “Modern biophysical view of electromagnetic processes of the phenomenon of life of living biological systems as a promising basis for the development of complex medicine: the role of cell membranes,” Journal of Complexity in Health Sciences, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 22–34, Jun. 2022, © 2022 the Author(s). This open access article is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution License.

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