Are Molecular Vibration Patterns of Cell Structural Elements Used for Intracellular Signalling?

" The main structural elements of the cell membrane, of the endoplasmic reticulum, of the Golgi apparatus, and of the different microsomes representing the great variety of polar lipids show characteristic frequency patterns with peaks in the region characterised by low water absorption. These structural elements are very dynamic, mainly caused by the creation of signal molecules and transport containers. By means of the characteristic radiation, the area where repair or substitution services are needed could be identified; this spatial information complements the signalling of the soluble signal molecules."

It's interesting although it don't take in consideration the special characteristics of interfacial water (majority of the water inside body and cells) that, among others, it has the capacity to control and attach molecules vibrating at unison, absorb and trap infrared radiation bringing EZ water extension greater and separating its electric charge (see section [1]).

[1] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Water & Electromagnetic Fields › Electromagnetism & Water - Exclusion Zones

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