An Immortal Stream of Consciousness

This website is neutral to the possibility of some kind of consciousness after the death, even it may be somewhat contrary: if one thinks electromagnetic fields are related to consciousness if there is not physical system that interact with them, then there will not a bounded consciousness, something definite, but instead the EM field of the environment, the earth, the universe. But this paper proposes that the brain electromagnetic field is not only a product of the brain but that the brain is a transmisive medium, that is it acts as an antenna, in this case filtering the geomagnetic field activity, and also describes Michael Persinger's ideas that the geomagnetic field have capacities to store the activity of millions of brains... it puts a lot of references supporting these ideas, and also explain how considering an electromagnetic transmisive mind concept other phenomena, classified as psi phenomena, can be well explained.

Last modified on 09-Nov-21

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