Studying Protein kinases PKCζ and PKMζ with the Resonant Recognition Model. Implications for the study of Memory Mechanisms

" These results do agree with the idea of PKCζ and PKMζ sharing a common function, supported in this case by the common frequency at fRRM= 0.063. This frequency is also used for recognition between PKMζ and the regulatory unit."

" Our results also suggest that the peak at fRRM=0.212 (950 nm in the near infrared), is related to the function of PKMζ as a signal protein."

" PKCζ can be viewed as a resonance system emitting/receiving infrared light 3190 nm. PKMζ is much more active at this main wavelength, and also is tuned to near infrared at 913 nm. The regulatory and hinge domains are tuned to yellow light (609 nm). At the same time, they do interact with PKMζ through infrared light 3190 nm."

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