Hidden Connections Between NanoTesla Magnetic Fields, Cosic Molecular Resonance, and Photonic Fields Within Living Systems

" There is a conservation of energy. Within the same volume when there are increases in photon flux densities from cells and human cerebrums there are decreases of interfacial geomagnetic field intensities within the nanoTesla range. The spectral power densities of the sequential quantifications of pseudopotentials of the amino acids that compose proteins and the nucleotides that construct DNA and RNA predict the functions of molecular pathways as electromagnetic resonances. They operate through these small energies, photon flux densities, and fluctuating magnetic fields. Whereas metabolic-level energies operate the mechanics of the multivariate molecular pathways for cell signaling the photon wavelengths predicted by the Cosic Resonant Recognition Model may be the templates and the initiators."

Last modified on 12-Sep-18

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