Quantum: May be a new-found messenger in biological systems

Since quantum, the discovery of quantization, was first discovered by Max Plank in the electromagnetic radiation and because of various experimental findings on the role of the electromagnetic force on living organism (biophoton emissions included) the authors say that the messenger is at the quantum level in living systems

" Current studies on biological communications mainly focus on chemical signals. Since organisms are extremely complex, different kinds of signals may exist in the process of cell communication. The most probable candidate for alternative forms of organism communications is electromagnetic radiation, as many experiments have confirmed that electromagnetic radiation widely exists in cells, tissues, organisms and even between organisms and their surroundings. The well-known connection between electromagnetic radiation and quantization of the energy transfer makes us to suggest a bold, but fresh view that quantum can serve as a biological messenger. This view also coincides with the medium of Qi in the human body according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Relating Qi with quantum may further explain a number of phenomena that cannot be explained solely by conventional chemical signaling systems."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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