Variability and stability of large-scale cortical oscillation patterns

" ... electroencephalographic (EEG) techniques are sensitive to rapid, millisecond fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields generated by neuronal populations, and are therefore more suitable to examine the highly dynamic nature of rhythmic brain activity. "

" ... the notion that several frequency-specific and metric-specific patterns may be derived from the same data supports the idea that EEG activity reflects distinct "layers" of multiplexed activity."

" ... while we established that there are clear commonalities in oscillatory templates across subjects, we also observed robust individual differences. Remarkably, individuals exhibited characteristic network profiles that were sufficiently stable over several months to allow successful long-term identification."

" Moreover, as we demonstrate in our companion paper (Cox, et al., submitted), individual variability in network organization is robustly related to memory performance, a finding that is difficult to explain unless oscillatory patterns capture cognitively meaningful brain activity."

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