The Feeling of Life Itself Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed

This book arguments that consciousness is more widespread than previously assumed and that it's the feeling of being alive not a type of computantion.

In reality consciousness mind and life, as is multilaterally taken in this web, are synonymous, there are a lot of essays using different words specifying some partial significance, but all is only a question of complexity degree, as Koch now proposes in his book, in a light review of the book [1] it can be read how Koch has coming to the view that all form of life from apes, dogs and dolphins all the way down to microbes, possess a 'modicum' of consciousness. Even panpsychism is named.

In this web panpsychism is defended [2], based in the occurrence that thinking is an action and that in this case electromagnetic force or photons are the basis of this impetus (more ordered and interacting EM fields in the same space make this space more consciousness, taking in consideration that there are different frequencies in action on different space scales), in reality a computantion occurs but as is pointed here [3] is based on the structures and interactions of these fields.

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