Synchronization behavior of coupled neuron circuits composed of memristors

" The fluctuation of intracellular and extracellular ion concentration induces the variation of membrane potential, and also complex distribution of electromagnetic field is generated. Furthermore, the membrane potential can be modulated by time-varying electromagnetic field. Therefore, magnetic flux is proposed to model the effect of electromagnetic induction in case of complex electrical activities of cell, and memristor is used to connect the coupling between membrane potential and magnetic flux. Based on the improved neuron model with electromagnetic induction being considered, the bidirectional coupling-induced synchronization behaviors between two coupled neurons are investigated on Spice tool and also printed circuit board. It is found that electromagnetic induction is helpful for discharge of neurons under positive feedback coupling, while electromagnetic induction is necessary to enhance synchronization behaviors of coupled neurons under negative feedback coupling. The frequency analysis on isolate neuron confirms that the frequency spectrum is enlarged under electromagnetic induction, and self-induction effect is detected. These experimental results can be helpful for further dynamical analysis on synchronization of neuronal network subjected to electromagnetic radiation."

Last modified on 09-Aug-17

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