Quantum Processes in Neurophotonics and the Origin of the Brain's Spatiotemporal Hierarchy

This paper is interesting because, although the authors' idea of the essence of consciousness is more quantum based than the proposed in this website [1], they also comes to the conclusion, as the main theory defended here, that a resonant chain of electromagnetic interactions along all scales of the brain play a crutial role.

" We review the brain's complex dynamical organization necessary for cognition and consciousness and conclude that, rather than a linear computer of neuronal synapses, the brain seems to function more as a nonlinear spatiotemporal hierarchy of interacting, dynamically layered systems. The brain's hierarchy apparently spans multiple layers covering at least 12 orders of magnitude reaching from large (nearly brain-wide, ∼10 cm), relatively slow (<100 Hertz, “Hz”) processes based on neuronal membranes and synaptic network activities (e.g., electroencephalography, “EEG”), downward and inward to increasingly smaller and faster molecular scales inside neurons including kilohertz (103 Hz), megahertz (106 Hz), gigahertz (109 Hz), and terahertz (1012 Hz) dynamics of cytoskeletal filaments and their constituents at micrometer, nanometer and subnanometer size scales."

And also they speak about the biophotons in the brain [2].

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