Psilocybin-induced spiritual experiences and insightfulness are associated with synchronization of neuronal oscillations

In the analysis of extracellular electric potentials it is found that Psilocybin decreased these in the neurons oscillating at 1.5-20 Hz within anterior and posterior cingulate cortices and the parahippocampal regions. An interestingly it can be related to that the intensity levels of psilocybin-induced spiritual experience and insightfulness are correlated with the lagged phase synchronization of delta oscillations (1.5-4 Hz) between various brain regions.

It's possible that these now visible effects are also the kind of changes induced more directly by application of patterned low frequency electromagnetic fields like those used in the experiments by Persinger et all [1].

[1] Persinger, Michael A., and Todd R. Murphy. "Validating New Technologies to Treat Depression, Pain and the Feeling of Sentient Beings: A Reply to “Neuroscience for the Soul”." Neuroscience & Medicine 7.01 (2016): 27.

Last modified on 25-Nov-16

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