Lifespan driven reorganization of the global network dynamics unfold on a multifrequency landscape

" Cognitive processes are mediated by communication among multiple brain areas that individually exhibit oscillatory neuro-electromagnetic signals emerging from a cascade of complex physiological processes. Several studies have reported that aging changes the intrinsic properties of neural oscillations, both in resting state and in the context of cognitive tasks. For example, the amplitude of resting and motor-related beta band oscillations (16-25 Hz) is typically found to be higher in the older population compared to the younger population. Similarly, a substantial number of reports have highlighted that peak alpha frequency (8-12 Hz) is lowered in neurodegenerative disorders and in healthy aging. ...

... we computed the whole-brain global coherence that captures the degree of communication among nodes of a large-scale network as a function of aging. The global coherence among MEG signals increased with age in slower time-scales i.e. delta (1-3 Hz) and theta (3-7 Hz) frequencies. Simultaneously, global coherence decreased for faster timescales i.e. alpha (8-12 Hz) and beta (16-25 Hz) frequencies."

Last modified on 24-Dec-18

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