Cross-Frequency Interactions During Information Flow in Complex Brain Networks Are Facilitated by Scale-Free Properties

" We studied the interactions between different temporal scales of the information flow in complex networks and found them to be stronger in scale-free (SF) than in Erdos-Renyi (ER) networks, especially for the case of phase-amplitude coupling (PAC)—the phenomenon where the phase of an oscillatory mode modulates the amplitude of another oscillation. ... We found that PAC decreased in AD [Alzheimer's disease] compared to HC [healthy controls] and was more strongly correlated to the scores of two different cognitive tests than what the strength of functional connectivity was, suggesting a link between cognitive impairment and multi-scale information flow in the brain." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Sotero, R. C., Sanchez-Rodriguez, L., Dousty, M., Iturria-Medina, Y., & Bornot, J. S. (2019). Cross-frequency interactions during information flow in complex brain networks are facilitated by scale-free properties. Frontiers in Physics. © 2019 Sotero, Sanchez-Rodriguez, Dousty, Iturria-Medina and Sanchez-Bornot. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).

Last modified on 06-Oct-19

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