Origin of the Conscious Mind

" It is proposed that consciousness is identical to the brain's electromagnetic field. As an identity theory there is no "transformation" of non-conscious neural entities into conscious mind entities. The perception of categorical differences between experiential phenomena (qualia) and the brain's endogenous field is a result of the different perspectives from which the sole entity is observed."

" Thus we have two different types of theory on offer, panpsychism and an electromagnetic field theory of consciousness, each of which has interesting potential, but each of which also has a major problem. The problems are quite different and yet fortuitously complementary. ... The combination problem doesn't affect a field theory because a field is a unity, not an aggregate, and the hard problem doesn't apply to panpsychism because panpsychism axiomatically assumes consciousness to be a fundamental constituent of the universe's ontology, not something that evolved from non-conscious reality."

Last modified on 15-Jun-20

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