Inventing a co-axial atomic resolution patch clamp to study a single resonating protein complex and ultra-low power communication deep inside a living neuron cell

In this study, using novel technologies, authors found that electromagnetic resonance triggers all other forms of resonances like mechanical, ionic, etc. they have discovered electromagnetic binary streams that acts as a communication, in an electrically resonating protein complex in the axon of a neuron, whose membrane is resonating a bit later, in this way they see live a new form of communication that runs through neurons and sometimes radiates out from neurons.

They also found that that neuron firing is not a binary process, but it follows multi-level switching.

" The tool enables discovering the existence of (i) proteins forming cavities at resonance, (ii) pulsed streaming in proteins and axons, (iii) each resonance frequency has specific phase, (iv) anharmonicity, (v) chain of resonance frequencies, (vi) beating, (vii) empassive supremacy of em resonance, (viii) nesting of phases in axon, (ix) negative resonance, (x) switching of one resonance into another. Therefore, electromagnetic resonance, does not express as a true resonance effect on its own, it regulates the other resonance behaviors as integrator."

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