Calculation of vibration modes of mechanical waves on microtubules presented like strings and bars

" The study describes a physical model of vibrating microtubules in living cells, presented as strings and bars. Calculated are proper-frequencies of first four vibration modes of transverse and longitudinal waves on microtubules. For microtubules with length 1-30 μm and shear modulus 5 .0×10 6 N/m2 the proper-frequencies of standing transverse waves fall in diapason of 1×10 3 - 5×10 7 Hz. For microtubules with same length and Young’s modulus 10 8 –10 9 N/m2 the proper-frequencies of standing longitudinal waves fall in diapason of 5×10 6 - 3×10 9 Hz. These calculated diapasons of frequencies overlap with experimentally registered diapasons of frequencies of mechanical and electric vibrations in bacteria, yeast cells, erythrocytes, infuzorii and soma cells. Some theoretical problems related to the present model are discussed."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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