An original theory regarding the correlations between the extremely high frequency electromagnetic waves of athermic intensities and their cellular effects

" .. the present paper was designed to contribute to the development and understanding of millimeter wave’s interaction with the biological entities and to propose a new alternative biophysical and cellular mechanism to explain the biological effects inherent to the electromagnetic millimeter field."

The authors propose that the mechanism of interaction is based on Fröhlich idea that bose-condensed phonons appear in the living objects due to metabolism and where the existence of the bose-condensed phonons results in the appearance of coherent millimeter waves, and occurring a periodical transformations of phonons on photons and viceversa. For the authors a living biological system in normal conditions has all the membrane dipoles oriented in a single direction, and the internal bose-condensed polaritons have the same orientation of the wave vector, and in this case there is no effects when applied external electromagnetic millimeter waves. But the case is the contrary in ill or aging organisms, where a new coherence is imposed from the external artificial millimeter EM source.

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