Are Lamarkism’s and Darvinism’s Suggestions About Evolutionary Process a Problem of the Present Day? Is the Evolution Blind or It is Due to Physical Fields as Information Field?

They propose that the Primo Vascular System (PVS) is an integrated communicating system between the living organisms and the environment and an optical channels system for photon transmission, so the electromagnetic field which goes throughout the PVS to its DNA granules could be influential in evolutionary processes transforming environmental physical fields to information stored in PVS microcell's DNA spiral-staircase structure.

" As we previously described [5] , recently the physicists offer the possibility of converting the information to energy and present their findings as a spiral-staircase. The authors, basing on the Szilard’s [19] idea of equivalence between energy and information, suggest a new principle for converting information into energy. As the bases of the DNA lies horizontally between two spiraling strands, the molecule of DNA is a spiral model which needs more attention concerning converting of information into energy or energy into information with the light electromagnetic participation. Christian Van den Broeck [20] describes Toybe’s et al. results [21] as "a direct verification of information-to-energy conversion". As Hawking [22] says, the “electromagnetism is the basis for life itself”, we can add that the PVS is the system which has all characteristics to provide the electromagnetic waves to every part of the body. The electromagnetic waves from the environment are bringing by PVS and are storing into the DNA molecule containing into the PVS microcells. DNA may carry out low-frequency collective motion. Low-frequency collective motion in DNA refers to the application of statistical thermodynamics to understand low-frequency vibrations in bio-molecules. The concept of low-frequency phonons in proteins was made by Chou and Chen [23] in order to solve the perplexing “free-energy deficit” problem in protein binding. The phonons have a modified relation between wavelength and energy and are able to transfer energy, too. The combinations of all DNA characteristics we mentioned here make this molecule a powerful candidate to serve as a store of transforming from electromagnetic energy information."

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