An Introduction to Impact of Bio-Resonance Technology in Genetics and Epigenetics

" One concept describing the etiology and mechanisms of chronic diseases is based on “Epigenetic Changes”. Epigenetic changes are permanent changes in gene expression due to Chromatin conformation changes that do not involve any change in DNA sequence. Depending on the time-scale these changes can be persistent through DNA replication. In the eukaryotic nucleus, the nuclear chromatin cluster has electric oscillation capacity. The natural frequency of an oscillating chromatin region is determined by the physical properties of DNA-protein complexes in that region, which can be changed by its epigenetic state and associated protein factors. These changes can be detected using Bio-resonances method and therefore be used to early detection of chronic diseases. It works on the basis of spectral analysis of magnetic fields of living organisms which enables therapist to differentiate normal from abnormal conditions. It is proposed that the electromagnetic waves as epigenetic factors could effect on chromatin dynamic changes and activate or suppress biochemical processes in organism and play a critical role in development or treatment of chronic diseases."

Last modified on 14-Nov-16

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