What Biophoton Images of Plants Can Tell Us about Biofields and Healing

This paper shows interesting photographs of biophoton emissions from plant leafs and human hands, the authors measure biophotons emissions and also they do a simple eye analysis of the images with quite far-reaching consequences when they cut off leafs and put some of them close between them:

" Close inspection of this image shows a ‘‘ halo-like ’’ pattern around the leaves (i.e. an ‘‘ aura ’’ ). Furthermore there is noticeably more light between adjacent leaves than around leaf edges without an adjacent leaf and this signal is stronger when leaves are closer together."

Other experiment that they do is to measure the efficacy of one energy medicine modality over the plant leaf's biophysical condition, it was done measuring biophoton emissions after healing treatment, they show the efficacy of this analytical method because treated leafs show lower biophoton emissions after the session (because a healthier state corresponds to fewer biophoton emissions, at least in normal relaxed stated otherwise may be when a person meditates or have focused attention [1]. However, as they also declare, at the very moment of the healing session, the situation is on the contrary:

" When a healer consciously connects to a leaf and has a focused intention for the leaf to glow more we see consistently higher output from the treated leaf than from the control over a period of time."

[1] Joines, W. T., Baumann, S. B., & Kruth, J. G. (2012). Electromagnetic emission from humans during focused intent. The Journal of Parapsychology, 76(2), 275.

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