The Increment of Genoprotective Effect of Melatonin due to “Autooptic” Effect versus the Genotoxicity of Mitoxantron

" One way to investigate the treatment based on UPE [ultraeak photon emissions] is to “optically” enclose the sample with mirrors (Figure 1) [18]. In this case, the sample cells receive their UPE and not from the distant isolated neighbor cells. It can be called auto-optic effect or self-NCDCI."

" Our results indicated that the genoprotective effect of melatonine in presence of mirrors had significant difference with one without mirrors (p<0.05) against the genotoxicity of mitoxantrone."

It can be interesting to point out the following experiment [1] where biophotons, in this case as a consequence of mental projection, are also mirrowed causing augmented perception on sender.

[1]| Ruggieri, V. (2017). Psycho-Physiological Hypothesis about Visual Mental Images Projection. Academy of Social Science Journal, 2(9).

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