Psycho-Physiological Hypothesis about Visual Mental Images Projection

Experiments show that when subjects project a mental image (with eyes closed) in presence of mutually reflective mirrors, in the subjective perception of this mental image a duplication or a multiplication occur, this not occur when panels are not mirrors (the subjects are unaware of in what condition are projecting those mental images).

Here it can be pointed out the following experiment [1] where biophotons are also reflected in mirrors, which causes an augmented effect on sender (in this case HepG2 cells).

[1] Zamani, M., Etebari, M., & Moradi, S. (2017). The Increment of Genoprotective Effect of Melatonin due to “Autooptic” Effect versus the Genotoxicity of Mitoxantron. Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering.

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