Polarized photons and photonic crystals for genetics and natural medicine

" ... From these points of view the existence of DNA sequences is accompanied by a rich set of appropriate beams of special colour photons with different energy to provide cooperative information functioning of ensembles of genetic elements."

" From this point of view, nitrogenous bases A, C, G, T/U and their combinations in DNA and RNA are resonance determinants (identifiers, qualifiers) of frequencies of genetic photonic ensembles within living bodies (or briefly, “gene-photon determinants”). The reading and transmission of genetic information from DNA and RNA molecules occurs by means of a set of resonance frequencies of their photons. DNA encodes quantum states of its photon beams. The photons language is a serious candidacy for the role of a basic language of molecular-genetic information. Figuratively speaking, from this point of view, life in its information aspects is woven from the light."

" In our opinion, the inherited morphogenetic processes in living bodies are also determined to a large extent by biological photon beams, the course of which are not accidental, but is strictly organized by a system of spatial characteristics of ensembles of genetic and other biological molecules as photonic crystals."

Last modified on 30-Jun-20

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