Inverse relationship between photon flux densities and nanotesla magnetic fields over cell aggregates: Quantitative evidence for energetic conservation

When dishes with cells are put in the experimental chamber biophotonic emissions are detected (as usual) but also there is detected a variation in environmental magnetic (geomagnetic) intensity of some nanotesla, in an inverse relation.

" The quantitative relationship between local changes in magnetic fields and photon emissions within ~2 mm of aggregates of 105–106 cells was explored experimentally. The vertical component of the earth’s magnetic field as measured by different magnetometers was ~15 nT higher when plates of cells removed from incubation were measured compared to plates containing only medium. Additional experiments indicated an inverse relationship over the first ~45 min between changes in photon counts (~10-12 W·m-2 ) following removal from incubation and similar changes in magnetic field intensity. Calculations indicated that the energy within the aqueous volume containing the cells was equivalent for that associated with the flux densities of the magnetic fields and the photon emissions. For every approximately 1 nT increase in magnetic field intensity value there was a decrease of ~2 photons (equivalent of 10-18 J). These results complement correlation studies and suggest there may be a conservation of energy between expression as magnetic fields that are subtracted or added to the adjacent geomagnetic field and reciprocal changes in photon emissions when aggregates of cells within a specific volume of medium (water) adapt to new environments."

Those effects are also detected in other experiments where biophotons are emitted from brain of people imagining light and a simultaneous decrease of the surrounding geomagnetic intensity is also detected [1], where direct measurements of the power of the photon flux density and the geomagnetic change as a function of distance from the head indicate a conservation of energy.

" To obtain the equivalent relationship between the magneticenergy associated with an increase in 1 nT and a decrease of photon energy of ~10-18 J, according to Eq. (1), the volume would be about 2 cc. This is the volume of media within which the cells were contained. This suggests an interesting possibility that has been developed by Pollack and his colleagues [13,14] and by Del Giudice and Preparata [15] that interfacial water near surfaces, such as cell membranes, have the capacity to display coherent domains within which magnetic fields and photons can interface."

[1] Persinger, M. A., Dotta, B. T., Saroka, K. S., & Scott, M. A. (2013). Congruence of energies for cerebral photon emissions, quantitative EEG activities and~ 5 nT changes in the proximal geomagnetic field support spin-based hypothesis of consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 4(1).

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