Inverse relationship between photon flux densities and nanotesla magnetic fields over cell aggregates: Quantitative evidence for energetic conservation

When dishes with cells are put in the experimental chamber biophotonic emissions are detected (as usual) but also there is detected a variation in environmental magnetic (geomagnetic) intensity of some nanotesla, in an inverse relationship.

Those effects are also detected in other experiments where biophotons are emitted from brain of people imagining light and a simultaneous decrease of the surrounding geomagnetic intensity is also detected [1], where direct measurements of the power of the photon flux density and the geomagnetic change as a function of distance from the head indicate a conservation of energy.

[1] Persinger, M. A., Dotta, B. T., Saroka, K. S., & Scott, M. A. (2013). Congruence of energies for cerebral photon emissions, quantitative EEG activities and~ 5 nT changes in the proximal geomagnetic field support spin-based hypothesis of consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 4(1).

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