Human Biofields Reveal Nature and Behavior Using Spectral Analysis

" Biophotonics has opened opportunities for applications in all areas due to wide acceptance of a biofield attached to the physical body, and rapid advances made in the imaging techniques. In most research reports so far, photons' count and intensity are the parameters for investigations. This paper describes the merits of using Hue and spectral analysis for replacement of photons' count as parameter. Encouraged by the report of experiments on intention/ meditation showing the blue-yellow ratio to increase during meditation and consciousness studies, this paper is devoted to experiments on Biofield images from Theosophical Society literature using Hue as the single parameter to represent the dominant color in the spectrum, and its wavelength. Considering Color, Shape, and Outline (CSO) as the main factors, two renowned Theosophists captured thought forms images in real situations which were published nearly hundred years ago. Comments of ‘Good, Bad, or a mix of both’ were attributed to each of the images with regard to the nature of persons. Motivated by the similarities in views between Theosophists and Biophysicists in respect of biofield and spectral characteristics of biophotons, the authors recently investigated the truth of the theosophists' comments, using lower and upper thresholds of Hue, obtained through trial and error. Results proved the comments to be true in more than 90% of the sample of images. Applying these thresholds in biofield images of eleven persons, captured in real situations, from another theosophical text, it is shown that the choice of thresholds are also valid for biofield images."

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