Lagged Coherence of Photon Emissions and Spectral Power Densities between the Cerebral Hemispheres of Human Subjects during Rest Conditions: Phase Shift and Quantum Possibilities

The authors found that biophoton emissions in the brain show a coherent spectral density profile between the two hemispheres (with a 900ms lag that is theoretically justified) pointing to, as other investigations, an intrinsically functional role for these electromagnetic emissions.

The authors propose that the source of the photon emission interaction between the left and right hemispheres involve non-myelinated axons with widths between 400 and 800 nm.

The lag between hemispheres have two possible implications:

" that either each hemisphere is operating independently or that a discrete amount of time is required before the processes that are responsible for photon emissions in one hemisphere affect the processes associated with photon emissions from the other."

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