Human high intelligence is involved in spectral redshift of biophotonic activities in the brain

In this paper is viewed that biophoton emission from different animals brain slices in vitro differ in their spectral characteristics, with a tendency to red in more intelligent animals, that between tested brains slices is the human.

The biophoton emissions are induced by glutamate (the most abundant neurotransmitter) injection, in this regard is important to note that

" the special prepared brain slices were allowed to analyze the spectra of glutamate-induced biophotons, which has been proven to be the active biophotons (12), but not the background biophotons that are generally believed to be a result of oxidative metabolism and oxidative stress (19–21) because the increase of biophotonic emissions by the application of glutamate is not correlated to the change in aerobic metabolism because the initiation and maintenance of glutamate-induced biophotonic emissions cannot completely blocked by cytochrome c oxidase inhibitor but could be significantly decreased by the application of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) inhibitor (okadaic acid potassium salt), which can induce the hyperphosphorylation of microtubule-associated protein tau and interferer with the function of microtubules (22)."

In relation to the possible biophoton origins see section [1] in this web.

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