Psycho-Physiological Hypothesis about Visual Mental Images Projection

" As the results of both the experiments have showed, when the mental image was projected on the mutually reflective mirrors, a duplication or a multiplication of the subjective perception like mental image appeared. This phenomenon did not appear sending the image toward the two not reflecting panels. The mental image projected on the mirrors would act in a similar way to a light beam enerating an optical reflection phenomenon."

Here it can be pointed an following experiment [1] where biophotons are also reflected in mirrors, which causes an augmented effect on sender (in this case HepG2 cells).

But, also, going back to biophotonic emmision from eyes, this phenomena was demostrated by C.A. Ross using a high-impedance non-contact electrode placed two centimeters in front of the eye inside electromagnetically insulated goggles [2]. Those emissions as the author pointed out, are probably related to the sense of being stared at, a very general phenomena, and maybe with certain traditional beliefs.

[1] Zamani, M., Etebari, M., & Moradi, S. (2017). The Increment of Genoprotective Effect of Melatonin due to “Autooptic” Effect versus the Genotoxicity of Mitoxantron. Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering.

[2] Ross, C. A. (2011). Traditional beliefs and electromagnetic fields. AIBR: Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana, 6(3), 269-286.

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